Thai Biochar & Vermicompost

Natural Vermicompost

fertilizer 1kg bag ‘willy worm’

(minimum order of 5 bags. Price of 150 thb excluding postage)

What is Vermicompost?

Vermicompost, or also known as worm castings, are the result of earthworms breaking down organic matter. They are a stable grain like soil improver that have multiple benefits. They are natural, full of beneficial nutrients and will not burn any plants or crops like chemical fertilizers will. They can help improve yields and soil quality in a remarkable way. Naturally organic, they are a slow release fertilizer suitable for all things that grow from house plants, trees and large scale crops.

Vermicompost benefits:

– Very easy to apply!

– Increases beneficial microbe community to all soils.

– Increases water holding capacity of soil, as well as acting as an aggregate. Regular use of vermicompost has proved to show a markable difference in the long term quality of soils.

– No odours &  very safe to use.

– It will not burn plants and crops like chemical fertilizers can do. It is stable and safe.

– Consistent particle size helps air flow to help avoid soil compaction

– All natural product with absolutely no chemicals

– Free of pathogens and weed seeds due to our process of hot pre-composting feedstocks

– Aids germination of seedlings and advanced root growth.


Vermicompost worm fertilizer, biochar and crab meal

How to use Vermicompost:

Very easy to use. Just mix in with top 4 inches of soil at a rate of 20% volume at root zone of plant/tree/vegtable/crop. It will NOT burn the plant ever

Biochar Natural soil amendment

Biochar Natural soil amendment – Sold in 1kg bags

(minimum order of 5 bags. Price of 150thb excluding postage)

What is Bioschar?

Biochar is charcoal from pyrolysis that is simply applied to soils. It acts like a magnet that secures all nutrients and moisture in the soil. It is best used when blended with compost or mph based fertilizers. Above is a close up cross section of a softwood based biochar.

We screen our biochar to 6mm for consistency and larger surface area exposure. This small granulated size makes our organic fertilizer extremely effective and easy to work with in all agriculture areas. The result is a very powerful fertilizer that is slow release and can have a larger increase in crop yields.

Benefits of Biochar

– Increased water holding capacity in all soil types

– Relieves and prevents soil compaction

– Prevents nutrient leaching resulting in higher crop yields

– Regulates PH and salinity of soil

– Biochar can last many many years

– Combined with NPK fertilizer it is by far the most effective

– Biochar is carbon negative, which makes it great for the environment.

– Cut water and fertilizer usage by 30% – saving money.

Ingredients of Biochar:

Mixed wood charcoal only

How to use Biochar:

Very easy to use. Mix thoroughly with soil at a rate of 10% volume.